Sunday, August 19, 2012

One more step towards a complete collection.......

A few weeks ago, a Michter's collector contacted me and asked if I had any interest in his collection. He was moving, and didn't want to have to take all of his decanters with him. When he told me what he had, I had to buy some of it. I wish I could have bought the whole collection, but since I like to pay what is fair, it didn't leave me quite enough in the budget to buy the whole thing. So I bought what I needed to fill the gaps in my collection. In the photo you see everything I purchased from him-

-Michter's 1.75L glass bottle lamp
-Michter's apron
-Michter's napkins
-Michter's information books
-1.75L glass bottle
-3 empty 750ML glass bottles (One has a gold Christmas package box with it)
-750ML glass 101 bottle with Christmas box
-1 Liter glass bottle
-2 200ML glass bottles (One empty, one full)
-375ML glass bottle
-101 proof "Tall jug" decanter
-Cobalt blue Quarter Whiskey bottle

A big thank you to Tom for these great pieces!

If you would be interested in purchasing some of Tom's other pieces (He's got lots more good stuff!!), contact me privately and I will send you his email address. Tom is a great guy and wants to see his stuff go to good homes where they will be appreciated!

As a second part of this note- I am proud to announce that my Michter's collection will soon become part of a distillery's museum. I will be involved with this distillery and the creation of the museum as well. More information coming soon! Stay tuned!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Michter's Update....

So while in the area today, a friend and I decided to stop by the Michter's site. Since the site is now owned by Lebanon Farms Disposal (See the article from the Lebanon Daily News a few posts back), I did not want to set foot on the property without permission. We drove down to the Lebanon Farms office and asked if we could walk around and take some pictures. The receptionist there was very nice and made a call to see if it was allowable. Unfortunately, with the condition of the buildings, we were not granted permission to go on the site. From the years of neglect- I think I termed it " regard for American history..." in my video in a previous post- the buildings are in sad, sad shape- the three warehouses at the top of the hill  and the grain drying building had even collapsed by the time LFD bought the property. The buildings that remain are pretty shaky too. It would not surprise me if the fermenting building and column building were torn down as well. Back when I still had access to the property through Dwight Hostetter, the only good buildings on the site were the original still house and Warehouse A, which Dwight had secured and re-roofed. While it is sad and upsetting for me to see the site slowly scrapped and dismantled, I've come to terms with it as of late and understand it must be done for the safety of the local area. I would love to see at least the still house saved. To me, that is the epitome of Michter's and a nice building to restore and use. As they say though- "All good things must come to an end."