Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Complete Michter's Decanter List ***UPDATES 1-25-15***

Recently I've been getting a lot of emails about a complete list of all of Michter's decanters. There are some lists online, but none are totally accurate or complete. My list has been months in the making and all information is accurate by my research. I used all of my old advertisements, price lists, and Collector's Society mailings to help double check my information. I am still finding new decanters so the list will be edited over time I'm sure. But here is what I have so far (I will break the decanters into sections)---

NOTE--- If size is not listed, it is a standard 4/5qt or 750ML decanter. Please contact me about any questions on the list or for pictures (If the decanter is in my collection). Production numbers, if available, are listed.

-1.75L King Tut
-750ML King Tut
-"Mini" 1/10th pt King Tut
-"Mini" 1/10th pt King Tut filled with "Michter's Liqueur"
-Bisque 1/2 GAL Zembo Shriner Tut (600)

-1.75L Nefertiti (2400)
-750ML Nefertiti (6000)
-"Mini" 1/10th pt Nefertiti (6000)

-1.75L Goddess Selket (1187)
-750ML Goddess Selket (2014)
-"Mini" 1/10th pt Selket--- Most were sold empty through the Jug House (2367)

-ASI Ice Cream & Sarsaparilla Ford Truck (1314)
-ASI Telephone Co. Ford Truck (1314)
-ASI Jones Motor Ford Truck
-1903 ASI Blue Cadillac (Plastic display available) (318)
-1903 ASI White Cadillac (Plastic display available) (641)
-1937 ASI White Packard (203)
-1937 ASI Black Packard (204)
-1917 Fleetwood Packard (5000)
-York Pullman (2400)
-1914 ASI Chevrolet (955)
-1909 ASI Stanley Steamer Green (Plastic display available) (23)
-1909 ASI Stanley Steamer Black(Plastic display available, Existence not confirmed)(595)
-ASI Oldsmobile (One found with Michter's labels in Lebanon, PA. VERY rare. No other info found.)
-Conestoga Wagon (Plastic ox team available) (2400)
-Canal Boat (Some have a wooden stand) (3000)
-Ice Wagon (5000)
-Wells Fargo Stagecoach (3600)
-Hershey Trolley (3229)
-Amish Buggy (Horse available) (1000)

-1983 NOEL Ornament (1500)
-Candy Cane And Wreath (969)
-Christmas Tree (~50 were made of metal!) (2400)
-Easton Peace Candle (6000)
-Halloween Witch (2904)

-Pennsylvania Football On Tee (7835)
-Texas Football On Tee (1500)
-Delaware Football On Tee ("Football Club")
-USC Football On Tee (Existence CONFIRMED!!)
-Arkansas Football On Tee ("Football Club")
-Oklahoma Football On Tee ("Football Club")
-500ML Super 5 (552)
-1976 Pitt Champions (Available in 2 different shades of tan) (3000)
-1977 Penn State Champions (7200)
-1982 Penn State Champions (Sold empty only, gold football says "1982")(3880)
-1986 Penn State Champions (Sold empty only, gold football says "1986")(1000)

-Atlantic City (2825)
-Bahamas (319)
-International (Lists several casino locations) (1302)
-Las Vegas (1067)
-Reno (344)
-Puerto Rico (326)
-Resorts International Atlantic City (Comes with velvet box) (2502)

-Doughboy (5000)
-Fireman Statue (2500)
-Fireman's Convention (Available in blue or red oval plaque sections)
-Franklin & Marshall Ben Franklin (506)
-Knights of Columbus (555)
-New York Policeman (2194)
-VFW George Washington (2741)
-"Sour Mash" St. Bernard (500)

-1969 Bell With Small Yoke
-1976 Bell With Black And Gold Label (Stand available)
-1976 Bisque Bell (Stand available) (2400)
-1976 Bell With Black And White Label (Stand Available)
-NOTE-1976 Bells were available in a special yellow box with parchment paper note.

-Daniel Boone Barn (3000)
-Bomberger Still House (500)
-Kauffman's Distillery Covered Bridge (2500)
-Reading Pagoda (5000)
-Hex Bottle (Matching cups and pitcher available)
-230th Anniversary Hex Bottle (700)
-Keystone State (13,533)
-101 Proof Pot Still (Brown in color) (17,478 between all proofs)
-86 Proof Pot Still (Brown in color)
-Gold Pot Still (Display case available, legitimate ones are numbered)
-Weaver's Bologna Smoke House (500)

-1955 Jug (Identified by "Dutch Cutlery" font)
-1/2GAL 1957 Jug
-4/5QT 1957 Jug
-Pint 1957 Jug
-1/2PT 1957 Jug
-Series A 1/2GAL Jug
-Series A Quart Jug
-Series A Pint Jug
-Series A 1/2PT Jug
-Series A 1/10th PT Jug (Also seen with green text)
-Series B 1/2GAL Jug (5000)
-Series B Quart Jug
-Series B Pint Jug
-Series B 1/2PT Jug
-Series B 1/10th PT Jug
-Series C 1/2GAL Jug (2500)
-Series C Quart Jug
-Series C Pint Jug
-Series C 1/2PT Jug
-Series C 1/10th PT Jug
-1753 "Dove" 1.75L Jug
-1753 "Dove" 1L Jug
-1753 "Dove" 500ML Jug
-1753 "Dove" 50ML Jug
-101 Proof Tall Jug

-NOTE-Standard sizes not listed. Only special editions.
-Quarter Whiskey (Yellow Glass) (5544)
-Quarter Whiskey (Blue Glass)
-Quarter Whiskey (Green Glass)
-"1827" Square Bottle (Not known to exist)

This list is as accurate as I could possibly make it. Again, if you want more information (Pictures, years, quantities produces, original retail pricing), please contact me about it.

Happy Collecting!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Don't worry, they're safe!!

Well, for Michter's being a forgotten historical site, people certainly do notice changes to the place quickly! The owner of Michter's and I spent New Year's Day (assisted by my wife and her sister) removing all remaining signs, paperwork, and other paraphernalia from Michter's once and for all. There has been a rash of recent break-ins and thefts at the distillery- probably due to the negative press from the recent warehouse collapse. So before any more items are stolen, the owner and I removed everything from the site. Everything we removed from the distillery is now under constant supervision, locked away out of the weather awaiting restoration and cleaning. So don't worry, some goober doesn't have them in their basement or attic.