Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Complete Michter's Decanter List ***UPDATES 5-08-21***

Recently I've been getting a lot of emails about a complete list of all of Michter's decanters. There are some lists online, but none are totally accurate or complete. My list has been months in the making and all information is accurate by my research. I used all of my old advertisements, price lists, and Collector's Society mailings to help double check my information. I am still finding new decanters so the list will be edited over time I'm sure. But here is what I have so far (I will break the decanters into sections)---

NOTE--- If size is not listed, it is a standard 4/5qt or 750ML decanter. Please contact me about any questions on the list or for pictures (If the decanter is in my collection). Production numbers, if available, are listed.

-1.75L King Tut
-750ML King Tut
-"Mini" 1/10th pt King Tut
-"Mini" 1/10th pt King Tut filled with "Michter's Liqueur"
-Bisque 1/2 GAL Zembo Shriner Tut (600)

-1.75L Nefertiti (2400)
-750ML Nefertiti (6000)
-"Mini" 1/10th pt Nefertiti (6000)

-1.75L Goddess Selket (1187)
-750ML Goddess Selket (2014)
-"Mini" 1/10th pt Selket--- Most were sold empty through the Jug House (2367)

-ASI Ice Cream & Sarsaparilla Ford Truck (1314)
-ASI Telephone Co. Ford Truck (1314)
-ASI Jones Motor Ford Truck
-ASI Heidelberg Antique Car Show (Relabeled Telephone or Ice Cream trucks) (144 total)
-1903 ASI Blue Cadillac (Plastic display available) (318)
-1903 ASI White Cadillac (Plastic display available) (641)
-1937 ASI White Packard (203)
-1937 ASI Black Packard (204)
-1917 Fleetwood Packard (5000)
-York Pullman (2400)
-1914 ASI Chevrolet (955)
-1909 ASI Stanley Steamer Green (Plastic display available) (23)
-1909 ASI Stanley Steamer Black(Plastic display available, Existence not confirmed)(595)
-ASI Oldsmobile (One found with Michter's labels in Lebanon, PA. VERY rare. No other info found.)
-Conestoga Wagon (Plastic ox team available) (2400)
-Canal Boat (Some have a wooden stand) (3000)
-Ice Wagon (5000)
-Wells Fargo Stagecoach (3600)
-Hershey Trolley (3229)
-Amish Buggy (Horse available) (1000)

-1983 NOEL Ornament (1500)
-Candy Cane And Wreath (969)
-Christmas Tree (~50 were made of metal!) (2400)
-Easton Peace Candle (6000)
-Halloween Witch (2904)

-Pennsylvania Football On Tee (7835)
-Texas Football On Tee (1500)
-Delaware Football On Tee ("Football Club")
-USC Football On Tee (Existence CONFIRMED!!)
-Arkansas Football On Tee ("Football Club")
-Oklahoma Football On Tee ("Football Club")
-500ML Super 5 (552)
-1976 Pitt Champions (Available in 2 different shades of tan) (3000)
-1977 Penn State Champions (7200)
-1982 Penn State Champions (Sold empty only, gold football says "1982")(3880)
-1986 Penn State Champions (Sold empty only, gold football says "1986")(1000)

-Atlantic City (2825)
-Bahamas (319)
-International (Lists several casino locations) (1302)
-Las Vegas (1067)
-Reno (344)
-Puerto Rico (326)
-Resorts International Atlantic City (Comes with velvet box) (2502)

-Doughboy (5000)
-Fireman Statue (2500)
-Fireman's Convention (Available in blue or red oval plaque sections)
-Franklin & Marshall Ben Franklin (506)
-Knights of Columbus (555)
-New York Policeman (2194)
-VFW George Washington (2741)
-"Sour Mash" St. Bernard (500)

-1969 Bell With Small Yoke
-1976 Bell With Black And Gold Label (Stand available)
-1976 Bisque Bell (Stand available) (2400)
-1976 Bell With Black And White Label (Stand Available)
-NOTE-1976 Bells were available in a special yellow box with parchment paper note.

-Daniel Boone Barn (3000)
-Bomberger Still House (500)
-Kauffman's Distillery Covered Bridge (2500)
-Reading Pagoda (5000)
-Hex Bottle (Matching cups and pitcher available)
-230th Anniversary Hex Bottle (700)
-Keystone State (13,533)
-101 Proof Pot Still (Brown in color) (17,478 between all proofs)
-86 Proof Pot Still (Brown in color)
-Gold Pot Still (Display case available, legitimate ones are numbered)
-Weaver's Bologna Smoke House (500)

-1955 Jug (Identified by "Dutch Cutlery" font)
-1/2GAL 1957 Jug
-4/5QT 1957 Jug
-Pint 1957 Jug
-1/2PT 1957 Jug
-Series A 1/2GAL Jug
-Series A Quart Jug
-Series A Pint Jug
-Series A 1/2PT Jug
-Series A 1/10th PT Jug (Also seen with green text)
-Series B 1/2GAL Jug (5000)
-Series B Quart Jug
-Series B Pint Jug
-Series B 1/2PT Jug
-Series B 1/10th PT Jug
-Series C 1/2GAL Jug (2500)
-Series C Quart Jug
-Series C Pint Jug
-Series C 1/2PT Jug
-Series C 1/10th PT Jug
-1753 "Dove" 1.75L Jug
-1753 "Dove" 1L Jug
-1753 "Dove" 500ML Jug
-1753 "Dove" 50ML Jug
-101 Proof Tall Jug

-NOTE-Standard sizes not listed. Only special editions.
-Quarter Whiskey (Yellow Glass) (5544)
-Quarter Whiskey (Blue Glass)
-Quarter Whiskey (Green Glass)
-"1827" Square Bottle

This list is as accurate as I could possibly make it. Again, if you want more information (Pictures, years, quantities produces, original retail pricing), please contact me about it.

Happy Collecting!


  1. Great news! Existence of the Arkansas Football on a tee decanter is confirmed! I now have one in the collection. A big thanks to Scott! Secondly, some variations of the Hex decanter have been discovered! I found Hex decanters with a 750ML sticker over the 4/5qt designation on the ceramic top and also a third variation where the Michter's logo is on the top (instead of the side) of the ceramic top.

  2. More discoveries over the past month-
    ---The Amish Buggy was originally released WITHOUT a horse. It came with 2 leads, but no horse. The horse was released at a later date. Furthermore, a wooden display panel was then released after that.
    ---The existence of the USC Football is debatable. After reviewing my price lists, I found only 1 mention of the USC Football and it claims it was made in over 1,900 units- which would place it at the same production level as the PA Football. The PA Football mysteriously is missing from the list. Therefore, I am suspecting that the USC=PA and was a typo. I am still searching for evidence otherwise though.
    ---Not all Gold Pot Stills were destroyed. Recently, a box of unsold but empty Gold Pot Stills was found. This box, as confirmed by the owner, was auctioned off at the Michter's sale in 1996.

  3. More notes to add-

    -The brown/copper 86 proof pot still does exist after all. I have one heading my way right now.

    -Some Series A quart jugs are erroneously labeled "Series B" on the rear. When collecting the jugs, I strongly recommend using the date and front graphic to identify series. The original green-front series is not dated. Series A was 1970, Series B (which looks similar to Series A) was 1976, and Series C was 1978.

  4. Ran across a few decanters at Union Canal days this past weekend. I found the Reading Pagoda one to be particularly interesting.

  5. Michter's did a lot of local landmarks or historical pieces- The Pagoda, a canal boat, a Conestoga wagon, the Liberty bell, and a few others. Did you buy any decanters?

  6. I have the big 3 in the tut series I have 1 tut death mask 750ML, 2 selkets 1 750ML & 1 1.75L, 2 nefertiti's 1 750ML & 1 1.75L. I am trying to get an idea of what the value is for these items but your blog doesn't seem to be very clear

  7. I can assure you the USC football does exist. Might not be many out there but there are some in collections. Just as the Christmas tree with a star instead of the angel. These items are only in advanced collections.

  8. That is correct. I have photos of those decanters, along with many other prototype Michter's decanters that are in several different private collections. Every week I find more stuff!

  9. Missed the Tut comment. As for values, I wrote a separate blog entry on what Michter's decanters are worth. Assigning value to them is very difficult. I can tell you that the Tut, Nefertiti, and Selket decanters are common in any size. Right now decanters don't seem to be fetching much in price, so you could see maybe $10-$30 each, but that's about it.

  10. I have a Michter's whiskey decnter that commemorates the lst gambling casino on the east coast by Resorts Intl on 5/26/1978. How can I find out what it is worth?

    1. I'm assuming this is the email I just received about the same decanter. I sent you some information on it that will hopefully answer you questions. Thanks!

  11. Today my son bought a 1977 Reading Pagoda Decanter and we were hoping you could tell us what it may be worth. Thank you.

    1. I just bought 2 Reading Pagoda's on ebay, I know I paid to much, $27&$30 but I'm OK with that I really wanted them, I'm not a collector, I grow up in Reading. My question is, the tax stamp/labals are still on both of them, is there any good reason not to take them off or should they be left on.

    2. That's entirely up to you. I like to leave them on just because to me it makes the piece look complete. But for display, it really doesn't matter. You wouldn't be harming the value in any way if they are already empty. As for your purchase price, the value is what you see in it. If you're partial to Reading, then those decanters are worth every penny of that price to you. Trust me when I say I've waaaay overpaid for a few decanters in my collection, but it was stuff I just had to have or was very partial to. If you find something you want, the time to buy is when it's in front of you!

  12. That is one of several decanters Michter's did based on local landmarks or history. It's probably one of the more unique decanters as well. However, it was fairly widely distributed and sold well- making it a common piece. Seems the average going rate for them as of late is about $15 empty to $25 full with a box. It does, however, make a GREAT display piece since it's pretty flat and stout in shape.

  13. I just bought a 1914 Chevy decanter by ASI today. I was hoping you could tell me what it might be worth or a little history behind the model. It's missing a few things on it but over all good condition. Got it for $18.
    thanx :-)

  14. Good price! The Chevy is one of the rarer decanters and probably one of the nicest. It's very detailed and displays really well. Michter's, like many distillers of the day (Late 70's) used the ASI models to sell their alcohol. Michter's had the Chevy, 2 different color Cadillacs, 3 different Ford trucks, and 2 different Packards all made by ASI. I have almost all of them and they certainly do take up a lot of shelf space! The Chevy, in good condition will generally sell from $40-$60. Add a few bucks if it's still full or in the original box. Even with missing a few parts, $18 is absolutely reasonable. It may take a while, but you should be able to find another damaged Chevy to take parts off of to complete yours!

  15. could you tell me what the current value of the zembo white king tut decanter (only 1000 made ) is worth i am interested in selling this item

  16. Full, about $35. Empty, about $25. The decanter market is really down right now.

  17. My Father was a member of the Michter's Internatinal Collectors' Society and collected the Goddess Selket, King Tutankhamun and Queen Nefertiti about 1980. Could you tell me what they are worth and where I might be able to sell them? Thank you for your time.
    Please contact me at my e-mail add

  18. Depending on the sizes (It will say on the label 50ML, 750ML, or 1.75L), here's what I would expect:

    50ML size:$5, 750ML size:$15, 1.75L size: $20
    50ML size:$5, 750ML size:$20, 1.75L size: $30
    50ML size:$10, 750ML size:$25, 1.75L size:$35

    They can be sold on EBay, but they must be empty. Keep in mind that the Tut series is the most common series made by Michter's and they are readily available. Unless you need to get rid of them, I would keep them as display pieces until the market improves a bit....

  19. I have a 1978 Michter's Stage Coach, 4/5 qt, unopened, with box. It says 1 of 3600 on the bottom. What's its value?

  20. That is a fairly common decanter, but being full does add some value. I would say $15-$20.

  21. Do you know the value of the Pennsylvania Keystone State shaped Michter"s decanter? I don't see it on your list?

    1. It's there, under "Everything Else." While it's a fairly common decanter, you don't seem to see a whole lot of them out there. For some reason, It's one of my personal favorite Michter's decanters. I think it's because it displays well and doesn't take up much space. It just looks cool! As for a value, they still run pretty cheap, think $10 empty without a box up to $40 to full with a box.

  22. I emailed you, email still good ??

    1. I did just receive an email asking about a decanter, so yes!


  23. I have a square bottom and square top plain beige decanter 86 proof 4/5 quart that I cannot locate anywhere. All it has is the Michters Whiskey Pot Still on the square top. Any ideas?

    1. Very odd. Can you send me some pictures?

  24. Hi again, I know this isn't the same thread as I used before but I don't know which one it was and not sure how to find it. here is a list of what we have. All are empty, some corks are broken off and the top may not stay put because of that.
    king tut and nefertiti minitures and some figurines that aren't decanters.
    1917 fleetwood packare
    york pullman
    conestoga wagon
    ice wagon
    wells fargo stagecoach
    canal boat
    candy cane and wreath
    2 christmas trees
    easton peace candle
    1976 pitt panther
    VFW george washington
    daniel boone barn
    reading pagoda
    hex bottle
    liberty bell with large top in a white color
    liberty bottle with large top in pewter color
    various crocks and pitchers
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    Carmalyn Crandall

    1. Hi Carmalyn,

      Most of those are fairly common Michter's decanters, but they are still worth at least a few bucks a piece- generally $5-$20 each. I think you'd probably be able to sell them at those prices fairly easily. The Canal Boat, Pitt Panther, George Washington, Boone Barn, Pagoda, and white Liberty Bell would be the more valuable of that set. Hope that helps!


  25. What year was Franklin & Marshall decanter offered?

    1. A good question and one I had to dig a bit to look up. The only information I have that's dated relating to the F&M decanter is that the concept was released at a Michter's Collectors convention in the fall of 1980. My assumption is that it was then produced and released in 1981- 1982 at the absolute latest. Price and inventory lists from 1983 do not show it as in stock or available. It was limited to 1200 pieces and was a special release.

  26. I hav the 1982 and 1986 penn state national collegicate football champions decanter. what it it worth ?

    1. It seems these days, the Penn State decanters are getting a good amount of attention. The 1982 decanter seems to be selling in the $40-$50 range and the 1986 decanter (Which is much more rare) is going for $75-$100 currently.

  27. I seen a decanter of the Reading Pagoda for sale with original box. Including the shipping it will cost me $48. Do you think it's worth that amount?

    1. If it's full, probably. If it's empty, that may be a little high.

  28. I just inherited two decanters and have no idea where to sell them. After reading your blogs and looking at pictures I believe I have a Series B 1976 pint jug and a 1/5 gal hex decanter. Both are still full and have original boxes. Where's the best place to start looking for a buyer? Located in NC if that matters

    1. Good question. Since it is illegal to resell any alcohol without a license, you do so at your own risk. However, there are plenty of people that have valuable spirits that sell them each year. It is against EBay or Craigslist policy to sell alcohol, so selling online is not generally an option. If you have some whiskey friends locally, give them a shout. If not, ask around a bit at work or among friends. Someone will know someone that appreciates great whiskies!


  29. I recently purchased the Michter's Canal Boat decanter. Do you know where these were made? Where all the decanters made at the same factory?

    1. Good question. Michter's makes few mentions about sources of decanters. There are mentions of Ohio occasionally. In later years, during the era Ted Veru was the owner of the distillery, supposedly a china plant was purchased to specifically make Michter's decanters. It was called GVI China and was in East Liverpool, OH. Other than that information, there doesn't seem to be much else out there.


  30. Hi Ethan,
    I am a big fan of Michters bourbon as of a couple years ago, but only recently started learning about the history. My mother stumbled across a couple of the decanters/jugs in the house that she recently purchased and it got me interested in starting a collection. Any pointers on where to start looking for full decanters?


    1. Hi Brian,

      Full decanters are only going to be found these days by complete chance. Keep an eye out at auction houses or places like Craigslist. Each day it's getting harder and harder to find full ones, but they still appear every once in a while.


  31. I just decanted one of the 1976 Liberty Bells. The topper was broken at the cork but the cork was still intact in the bottle. Came with the box and the certificate. I'm going to taste it tonight. On the nose, it's delicious. Lots of butterscotch and vanilla. Poured it through coffee filter and funnel and there were only a couple flakes of cork sediment. I also have full ice wagons, the packard, two Tuts and the Atlantic City casino. They are all in perfect shape all with tax stamps still intact.

    1. Butterscotch and vanilla sound about right. Enjoy!!