Saturday, January 28, 2023

Michter's Drinkware- With a January 2023 Collection Addition

 As many of you are already aware, Michter's loved putting their name on things that would sell well alongside their whiskey or at the Jug House store at the distillery. Here's a sampling of the various pieces of drinkware Michter's made over the years:

Many of the mugs I've found were made by Hall China in Ohio. Note the suggested recipe for Michter's Mocha on the rear of some them!


Michter's went a step further with a few of their sets of mugs too. The below "hex" mugs and water pitcher coordinated with their cube Hex Decanter. A note on these sets- some of the small mugs were made with black "Michter's" lettering on the side. These are very rare.

To coordinate with the highly successful line of Tut decanters, two water pitchers based on the hex pitcher design were released with additional info printed on them.

Lastly, Michter's made water pitchers and mugs to coordinate with their Series B and Series C ceramic decanters. These pitchers and mugs carry the same logos as their decanter counterparts and were released in 1976 and 1978 respectively to correspond with the release of the decanters. Note that instead of Michter's Mocha, there's a recipe for Michter's Amish Coffee on the rear of the mugs.

Glassware was naturally shot glasses. Several different styles and two different sizes rounded out the offerings. Note one of the shot glasses has "EST 1753" on the rear. These are quite rare. The plastic cup is also very rare as they were disposable.


And finally, the collection addition, which goes right along with the drinkware- a silver spoon with the Michter's logo on the top. Want to add some sugar or dried creamer? Why not use a Michter's branded spoon too! A big thank you to Woody for this new piece in the collection!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Collection Addition- October 2022

 Sometimes I get stumped by something I find. It's rare, but it happens. Such is the case with this latest find. In 1978, Michter's did a special run of decanters for the opening of the Resorts International Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. They came in a velvet box and looked like this:




So what the heck is this thing......................................

I can only assume it's a prototype, but without any supporting literature from my collection, I can't say for sure. Definitely never a mass-produced decanter, but it is properly labeled for filling and sale if it would have been.

Regardless, George Washington looks pleased in the above photo as he gazes upon it!

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Collection Addition- August 2022 Edition!

 Was down in Havre De Grace Maryland for the day today checking out the antique stores and found this amazing gem at Bahoukas Antique Mall & Beer MuZeum. What's so special about it? This is another Michter's item I didn't realize existed. Of course the Liberty Bell and its wooden stand are well known, but being in one proprietary package? That's a new one for me! Note the box even mentions the Bell and stand and has a graphic on the long side of the Bell and stand together. The Bell carries its Maryland tax stamp as well. I would imagine nearly everyone threw out the outer carton, which is why I only became aware of its existence today. It makes me wonder if any of the other decanters that came with stands also had an outer single carton too?

Sunday, March 20, 2022

An Assortment Of Clothing From Michter's

 Over the years, Michter's made shirts, hats, and even aprons. These days, these items are quite rare, but I've been fortunate to collect a few remaining examples. This is not the definitive collection, there are still plenty of items I'm sure I don't have. But this gives you an idea of what Michter's was making and selling through the Jug House....


Then there was this shirt- not made by Michter's but instead made by a Harley Davidson dealer for a trip to Michter's back in about 1986....


Then there are the items I know exist but have yet to find. Here's a few old photos from Michter's (And a Historic Schaefferstown event) showing some neat views of what once was......

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Addition to the Collection: May 2021 Edition

 Clearly closets and basements are being cleaned out, and I feel fortunate! Yesterday I was able to pick up another rare, rare, R A R E decanter. I knew of the potential existence of this piece years before I actually was able to verify that Michter's did indeed make some of them. In my paper files, in May of 1984, Michter's (By that time operating as Pennsylvania Sour Mash Distilleries, Inc.) made an appeal to the BATF to relabel some of their unsold Telephone and Ice Cream & Sarsaparilla for the upcoming 6th Annual Heidelberg Antique Car Show on June 24th of the same year. Clearly the relabeling was approved as I now own one of these decanters! My complete decanter list has also been updated to reflect its existence. With no further introductions, a few photos:

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Additions to the Collection: April 2021 Edition

 As the collection grows, purchases don't happen as often, but when I come across something I don't have, it's time at that moment to bring it "home" to the Michter's collection. From the graciousness of a fellow collector that has a very impressive collection (...and shall remain nameless for privacy's sake) comes a few amazing pieces of Michter's distillery. Check it out:

If you're familiar with Michter's decanters, you're probably familiar with the moderately common Doughboy decanter that depicts a WWI solder in uniform. You're probably also familiar with its monotone nearly pea green glaze, which doesn't do what could be a beautiful decanter any favors. Well, boy what could have, and SHOULD have been. Gaze upon this prototype beauty that shows a nicely painted/glazed soldier:

Next is a lowly copper jug with a story to tell. What looks old, worn, and pedestrian was actually a sampling cup from the distillery that was used in daily operations. How do we know the legitimacy? A signed and notarized note from Mr. George Shattls himself, who was Manager at the distillery!

Next are a post card, rare style of brochure, and plastic drinking cup. Definitely very cool items as well.

Lastly, and largest in size, is the wagon wheel ceiling lamp from the Jug House. Complete and all original. Needs a little cleaning, but nothing I can't accomplish easily. Absolutely a custom build, it's well crafted and uses the same glass globes and steel diffusers as the lamps that were made from leftover unsold gold pot still decanters. Each diffuser wears the same sticker the 101 proof copper pot stills have. Now to check the wiring and find a place to put it up.....................

Friday, January 1, 2021

PLCB "Guide To Better Product Knowledge- Spiritous Liquors" Some PA Spirits History!

 Here's a little piece of PA spirits history. This handy little guide was published December of 1964 by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for employee training and knowledge. I've found it to be quite comprehensive and accurate even today. I've chosen to scan it in its entirety and display it here for other's learning and also as an example of PA spirit history. Enjoy!