Friday, January 22, 2010

Videos of Michter's Distillery

Here is an overview of the site:

Here is the first warehouse that had collapsed showing our cleanup efforts:

Here is the second warehouse that collapsed and our recent cleanup efforts:


  1. Great pics! I am looking to become involved in the clean up process. Im also younger, and a fairly new scotch/whiskey enthusiast (mostly scotch). I am available most weekends and evenings to help.

  2. Awesome! Are you the same person that posted up that you live in Lititz over on Forgotten PA? Also, how can I contact you privately so I can let you know when I will be working up there? Also, I am planning on doing a "Toast to Michter's" on Valentines Day as it will be the 20th anniversary of Michter's closing. I am trying to arrange tours with the owner and even have the old master distiller come down and talk with us. Feel free to contact me at