Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's not all bad.........

 Well look at this. The still house has been completely repainted and repaired by the Barrys (Current owners of the Michter's Distillery site). This is a great thing to see and should stop the rumors that the entire site is going to be bulldozed. Even the wooden pump houses have been restored into a very nice condition. Unfortunately the future of the fermentation building and labs doesn't look so bright. They've been largely stripped out and it would certainly take a lot of cash to rehabilitate them. We can only hope they are deemed good enough to save! Here are some pictures I took today of the distillery:

The fresh paint on the Still House makes the fermentation building look a bit run down....
It's summer of 1986 all over again- A Shadow Blue 86 Mercury Capri GS parked along the road in front of the distillery. If only the Jug House was still selling fifths of Michter's today!


  1. Nice photos Ethan! Looks hopeful on at least a couple of fronts.

    Thanks for the report!

  2. Hi Ethan. A former co-worker and I were reminiscing about Michter's the other day. We both were into the decanter's in the 70's - my friend made a killing on some of them buying them by the case as the initial demand(and price!)skyrocketed. We belonged to a local Michter's club and I remember Marty speaking at one the meetings.
    I wanted to ask if I could get copies of the pics of the distillery and pot still #1.
    Good pics - we'll keep our fingers crossed.

  3. I've heard of people making good money of flipping the decanters back in the day as the prices rose on demand. Too bad today's market is just the opposite! (Insert one of those little frowny-faces here)

    What pictures are you interested in? I may be able to at least email some to you.