Sunday, August 3, 2014

Enough About Me. What About You?

I know I'm not the only one out there that has Michter's stuff. I've seen pictures or heard of other collections. If you've got stories, photos, a collection, or anything Michter's related that you'd like to share, drop me a line and I'd love to hear or see it! It's all of our cumulative stories, information, and items that tell the history of Michter's!

Here's a great photo of the guys enjoying some Michter's around barrel number one! The whiskey was only half of the Michter's story. It was the people that made it great.
I was asked to identify the men in the photo. I consulted Elaine Stoll and she was able to identify all of them. From left to right: George Shattls, Warren Wike, Dick Stoll, Bill Krause, and Paul Betz.


  1. could you please give the names of the men in the photo above. i think one might be my grandfather

    1. I know for sure the man holding the glass is George Shattls. The fella in green in the center of the photo is Dick Stoll. The man between George and Dick appears to be Warren Wike. Not sure on the other two. I can try and get confirmation for you. It may take some time.

    2. that answers my question. just wanted to make sure that it was warren wike. i have a small michters collection and am interested in the history. i would appriciate anything you could tell me about his time working there.

    3. I'll have to talk to Dick about him next time I see him. He'll remember him.